Bridget Kuna


About Bridget Kuna

Hey, my name is Bridget! I have been working at Gypsy Rose since the summer of 2022 and the rest seems to be history now. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, NC and I’ve never left! I remember seeing Gypsy Rose Tattoo as a kid at the other side of the mall and was always hoping to go inside one day and now I work here! Working the desk is such an important job because I am the liaison between the client and the artist/piercer. I want to make sure that everyone that comes into the shop is comfortable enough to ask questions, whether it be their first time or the millionth. Tattoos and piercings are things that I have witnessed that make people light up on the inside as they express themselves in their own way. Seeing people leave our shop a whole new person, makes this such a satisfying job.