Jenn Stevens

[ Micro-blading Expert ]

About Jenn Stevens

My name is Jenn Stevens and I’m a Jacksonville local with more than 12 years as a professional body piercer. I have been at Gypsy Rose Tattoo for 7 years now.

Some of my favorite piercings to perform are dermal anchors and I love to curate ear piercings specifically to your anatomy. While at Gypsy Rose Tattoo, I also became a certified Micro-Blading Expert in 2019. I am triple certified. I have two certifications from Luxs Brow for Micro-blading and Ombre/Powder Shading and another certification from Tina Davies in Brow Color Matching and Theory.

To browse more of my piercing and micro-blading portfolios, or if you have any questions about either, please visit my Instagram. It is not necessary to book an appointment for piercing but please fill out the consultation request form below to book a time to chat about your next Brow project!


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